Adblock Plus for Firefox 2.7.3

Block all of the popups and other ads that show up on the web browser

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Browse the web quickly and comfortably without ads.

Adblock Plus for Firefox is a plugin for the Firefox browser that lets you improve your browsing experience by getting rid of ads. Adblock Plus is one of the world's most popular ad blocking software and has been downloaded more than 300 million times. It's an open source project that is supported by a large community of independent developers from all over the world. The software can run on the latest edition of Firefox, no matter which operating system you're using. Therefore, whether you're running Windows, macOS or Linux, you can take advantage of its power and versatility.

Ads Blocked by this Handy Software Tool

Adblock Plus for Firefox relies on several lists to block various ads on the pages you visit. It has the ability to block:

  • Ads on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Pop-up ads
  • Ad banners
  • YouTube video ads
  • Annoying popover ads that interfere with navigating on a website by covering the text
  • Multimedia ads that play sound without permission
  • Various other types of ads

The developers of Adblock Plus believe in a world where ads are small and non intrusive. As part of their Acceptable Ads initiative, the software allows non intrusive and simple ads to be displayed by default. However, this feature can be turned off if you desire.

Adblock Plus for Firefox also includes protection against malware and tracking. It will instantly block access to sites known for distributing malware. It can also block tracking by disabling a variety of hidden trackers embedded on web pages, such as social media buttons that track your website visits even if you don't interact with them.

One of the Top Ad Blockers

Adblock Plus has been recognized as one of the best ad blocking tools in the world. It uses over 40 filter lists, which are being updated on a regular basis. The program itself is also maintained regularly and bug fixes are released often. Overall, it's very reliable and able to zap the majority of ads. On rare occasions, it will break the functionality of some websites. If this happens, you have the options of disabling it for a specific page or domain.

Using ad blocking software has many advantages. It makes browsing more comfortable by clearing out clutter from your screen, makes pages load faster and saves on bandwidth. Studies have shown that Adblock Plus for Firefox is able to reduce your bandwidth usage by up to 40 percent.


  • Blocks annoying ads on all websites you visit
  • Constantly updated blocking lists for maximum effectiveness
  • Integrates seamlessly with Firefox web browser, no matter which operating system you use
  • Speeds up page load times and helps save bandwidth


  • Can sometimes prevent websites from displaying properly

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